Performance Driver App for Small Businesses


You’ve hired your employees and your payroll system is in place.

We take you to the next step of managing performance and driving your business through agile goal-setting, feedback loops, coaching triggers and well-being perks.

Full suite at just SGD$5 per employee per month. Set your system up in less than an hour. Get it going today.


How It Works 


Initiate goals

Clarify and customise employee goals on the easy-to-use web module.

Track progress

Access goals on mobile where employees can monitor on-the-go.

Reward your wins

Employees earn stars and access well-being services as goals are hit.

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OKRs or Objectives and Key Results is a management system for setting goals and tracking progress for businesses.


This system, created by Andy Grove, is deeply part of how companies such as Baidu, Google and Netflix are managed. Now, your small business can apply it too.


Need help creating your OKRs? 


Click on your business industry and we will send sample objectives and key results for your various functional roles.

Don’t worry, we won’t spam.


HR Starter Kit


The common reason we get as to why small businesses don’t do performance management is because they haven’t started setting up their HR policies yet. Well then, this is us preparing you to manage performance. Find all these guides in your dashboard when you sign up!



Why you’ll love HeyBenny


Increase revenue

Save time

Boost your small business revenue to up to 8.5%* once you focus on employee performance.

Reduce man-hours spent figuring HR out by as much as 50%. Our platform is ready to go.

Simple and easy to use

Improve well-being

Uncomplicated web and mobile apps that get the job done.

Have a successful workplace where people thrive.


Risk-free, no credit card required.